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Experience the Panama Canal & the Mexican Riviera

Have the trip of a lifetime through the Panama Canal with Norwegian. Norwegian’s Panama Canal cruises allow you to take a trip down the ‘world’s greatest shortcut’ between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. As you wind through the 48 miles of stunning scenery, you’ll cut across the Isthmus of Panama, passing through locks with inches to spare.

Rich with culture and plenty of wildlife on offer you can soak in the atmosphere, because Norwegian cruises through the Panama Canal take place during the day. This means you’ll be able to see some of the world’s most exotic port cities such as Cartagena and Puerto Chiapas. You can also journey to some of the less visited destinations on your Panama Canal cruise, including Mexico, Guatemala and Costa Rica.

Cruises through the Panama Canal never looked so good.

Why Cruise the Panama Canal with Norwegian?

Norwegian specialise in Freestyle cruising, meaning that you can plan your day in your way. Choose from a variety of dining options, stage and comedy shows as well as our fitness centres and youth programmes.

Book your cruise through the Panama Canal with Norwegian today.

Panama Canal & Mexican Riviera Destinations

Cruise the Panama Canal

Panama Canal
As if the incredible Panama Canal were not enough, these exciting voyages take you to less visited & amazing cruise destinations in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica & Colombia.

Mexican Riviera

Mexican Riviera
Head to the scenic point of Las Brisas for a view of Acapulco Bay. Here the excitement begins high on the cliffs of La Quebrada where daredevils plunge into the sea, then continues to mount throughout the night in the numerous discos. And do not miss the gorgeous surf that wraps around an endless stretch of sand.

Panama Canal and Mexican Riviera Cruise Highlights

  • Discover the artificially created Gatun Lake which was built in 1913 to allow ships to travel between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, forming a water passage.
  • Cruise through over 100 years of history, and see the largest dam ever built.
  • See the cliff divers of La Quebrada on the Mexican Riviera plunge from rocks into the swirling Pacific Ocean 148 feet below.
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